System Monitor


Central Hydraulic System

New Load Sense Option

Our patented digital hydraulic design eliminates the need for electronic feedback devices for Dump Trucks. This greatly improves system reliability.
  • Standard 20 GPM Hydraulics
  • Electronic Dump Body
  • Fuel Saving Automatic “On-Demand” Pumps (Single and Tandem)
  • Single or Multiple plow Control Boxes
  • Electronic one button plow control with plow counterbalance
  • No feedback sensors!
  • Designed for highway traffic speeds
  • Automatic “On-Demand” Hydraulics
  • Multiple Plow Controls 
  • Left Wing
  • Right Wing
  • Underbody Scraper
  • Granular Zero Velocity Controls*
  • High Flow Bed up to 120 GPM
  • Broom Circuit*
  • PTO Pump*