Salt Brine Application

Legged Brine System

Pre-Treating the roads is a breeze with PENGWYN’s new Slide-In, Direct Application Anti-Icing System! This legged tank system can be customized to your truck’s anti-icing needs from 1300 gallons in capacity and more. The unit can run off of most trucks’ Central Hydraulic Systems!

  • Easily loads and unloads from truck using automatic unloading legs or fork truck
  • Able to operate in a manual or ground speed oriented mode
  • Capable of treating up 3 lanes at once
  • Available in 1300 – 2600 Gallon capacities
  • Frame constructed from galvanized carbon steel
  • Electrically operated ball valves
  • Trailer mount units available
3 Lane Application
Legged Brine Tank

Skid Brine System

Equip your trailer during snow season with pre-treating equipment. The Skid Brine System incorporates the same galvanized steel framework and heavy duty liquid tanks as the legged brine system.

  • Large salt brine capacity for pre-treating roadway
  • Modular tank design eliminates need for surge balls
  • Quick and easy to disconnect trailer to use the truck for standard snow patrol
  • Tailgate and salt spreader can remain on the truck while using your trailer to pre-treat
  • The Skid Brine System can be loaded or unloaded with forks
Legged Brine Tank