Brine Makers

Hydraulic Salt Brine Production System
The PENGWYN Hydraulic Brine System incorporates over ten years of experience in brine making machinery.
  • Totally automatic salt brine production process – just add salt!
  • Reduce salt usage, resulting in a lower salt budget
  • No shoveling of leftover trash from the production process
  • A Hopper constructed from durable, environment-resistant 304 Stainless Steel, and a sturdy Galvanized Steel Frame
  • The Automatic Brine System is controlled by a PLC

Touch Screen Enabled

The Control Panel Automatically…

  • Controls minimum brine salinity
  • Adds tap water when needed
  • Turns on low salinity indicator when salt is required
  • Maintains brine concentration in recirculation line to prevent freezing
  • Shuts off hydraulic power supply when storage tanks are full

Our Equipment

The Hopper

The salt hopper is pictured here with a brine storage tank. The salt hopper is located in an area easily accessible to front end loaders not only to load the hopper, but also to assist with trash clean out.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction – will not rust or crack due to weather
  • Stainless Steel Hydraulic Pumps
  • 8 cubic yard charge capacity
  • Approximately 3000 gallons of Salt Brine per hour with 1½” tap water supply
  • Up to 7000 gallons of eutectic Salt Brine per salt load
  • Easy Hydraulic Dumping of waste solids
  • Isolated Electronic systems (Low voltage system outside of the drive motor)
  • All manifold flange connections and controls for cleanout dumping integral to the brine making system
  • Infinitely variable flow adjustments via hydraulic flow controls
  • Eliminates the need for troublesome globe valves in brine lines
  • Silicone carbide shaft seals have 4X the life of ceramic
  • Flange Ports for ZERO LEAKS and easy maintenance
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction – will not rust or crack due to weather

Supplies power for:

  • Brine production
  • Hydraulic cylinders for cleanout
  • Hydraulic truck fill pump
  • The High Voltage Motor is remote from the operator’s 12V DC control panel
Brine Makers

Tap Water Blender Valve

  • Mixes brine with tap water
  • Regulates tap water supply
  • Provides sampling port for salinity checking