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PENGWYN was incorporated in 1987 on the basis of designing and producing a rugged, reliable central hydraulic system to support the needs of snow and ice trucks. In the 25 years since, a complete line of winter highway maintenance products have been designed making PENGWYN the leader in snow and ice highway equipment.

During its long standing relationship with the Departments of Transportation, PENGWYN has worked closely with the department to meet and exceed their needs. The challenge was to make a ground oriented central hydraulic system without hydraulic plumbing in the cab or electronics outside. PENGWYN answered the challenge with its patented Digital Binary Hydraulic System which eliminated troublesome feedback devices.

The original 1988 patent was co-invented by Greg McMenimen who was a DeVry student at the time. As a result, PENGWYN has employed many DeVry Graduates and students.


PENGWYN proudly uses local suppliers and manufacturers efficiently utilizing a 90% content through Ohio companies.

PENGWYN’s vision for the future has allowed for opportunities overseas to arise. As a result of an increased online effort there are PENGWYN Brine Makers currently operating in Europe. PENGWYN will continue to look at ways to improve its products. Utilizing the partnership of DeVry University to ensure the longtime success of young people to carry on with, “an eye on today.... a vision on tomorrow”.

PENGWYN'S MISSION is to supply winter highway maintenance equipment that leads the industry in:

bullet Innovation
bullet Reliability
bullet Cost Effectiveness
bullet Ease of Use



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